Edwards Ironworker Punches and Dies

CanSaw offers a full line of punches and dies for all Ironworkers. All shaped punches are keyed standard for safe & positive punch alignment. Shapes include round, round offset, metric, oval, square, corner turning, hexagon, picket, and trimming and cut-off. CanSaw has hundreds of punches and dies available in-stock for every model. If you cannot find a product that meets your needs, we can design and manufacture a custom shape for you. Call CanSaw @ 800.463.0743 for more information.

Series Shape Range
219 Punch Round 1/8" to 1-3/32"
413 Die Round 5/32" to 1-3/32"
219S Punch Square 1/4" to 3/4"
413S Die Square 9/32" to 25/32"
219O Punch Oval 3/16" x 1" to 13/16" x 1"
413O Die Oval 7/32" x 1-1/32 to 27/32" x 1-1/32"
219H Punch Hexagonal 11/16" and 3/4"
413H Die Hexagonal 23/32" and 25/32"


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