Burr-Tec BG460 Vertical/Horizontal Belt Grinder

The BG460 4” wide belt grinder is perfect for grinding castings, sheet metal, plate or any metal surface that requires light or heavy burr removal. The BG460 uses a powerful 3 HP (3 Phase) motor that turns the standard 4” x 60” abrasive belt at speeds of 6780 SFPM. The idler wheel has a simple tracking and tensioning system that increases belt and machine life. The platen offers a large flat grinding surface, perfect for castings. A solid steel base reduces vibration and increases rigidity. The grinding head pivots a full 90° to allow the abrasive belt grinder to lock at any angle for just about any operation.

  • • Made in North America.
  • • Abrasive belt changeover in as short as 30 sec.
  • • Abrasive Belt grinding offers less part heating because the heat is carried off in the swarf.
  • • Abrasive Belt grinding offers less finish variation.
  • • Heat related cracks in the part and heat-affected zones are eliminated or minimal.
  • • Can be positioned vertically, horizontally or in-between.

Belt Dimensions
Head Pivot
Belt Grit
Belt Speed
Platen Size
4" x 60"
0° to 90°
36, 50, 60, 80, 100,120, 180, 220
6,870 SFPM
6" x 12"
30” x 20” x 42” (Horizontal) 30” x 20” x 54” (Vertical)
185 lbs

PRICE: $995.00

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