Baileigh RDB-325 Programable
Rotary Draw Tube/Pipe Bender.

The The Baileigh RDB-325 Programmable Tube/Pipe Benderis a programmable control machine that can bend up to 3 inch tubing and 2 inch Schedule 80 Pipe. The PLC control allows up to 170 programs with 10 bends per program. This rotary draw tube bender can bend at 10 seconds for a 180 degree bend and can be programmed to bend up to 360 degrees. Complex serpentine bends can be done with ease. A quick counter die release allows for easy removal of bends. The counter die positioner has a numerical counter so repositioning of the counter die is a breeze when recalling bend programs. Engaging bends is as simple as pressing the forward foot pedal, and reverse pedal when complete.

  • • 16” maximum centerline radius depending on material OD.
  • • Runs on 220-volt single-phase power.
  • • Rotates up to 360° degrees in either direction.
  • • Standard with a simple-to-use touchscreen controller.
  • • Accepts memory cards (standard 2CB SD card, max) to store programs.
  • • Internal storage holds up to 170 programs of up to 10 bends per program.
  • • Swing-away counterdie system.
  • • Compatible with over 5,000 optional die and tooling sets.

Minimum CLR
Minimum O.D.
Solid Rod (Mild Steel)
Pipe Sch80
Round Tube/Wall
Square Tube/Wall
Maximum CLR
Shipping Dimensions
3" -.095
2" -.125"
1,100 lbs
60" x 44" x 77"

PRICE: $24,295.00


  • The US$/CA$ Exchange Rate.
  • All Customs and Brokerage Fees.
  • No Charge for C.S.A. Approval (Required by Law in Canada).
  • FOB Burlington, ON (Includes Transport Ex Factory)
  • Everything is taken care of for you!

Watch The RDB325 Tube/Pipe Bender Video:

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