Baileigh RDB-250 Programable
Rotary Draw Tube/Pipe Bender.

The The aBileigh RDB-250 Programmable Tube/Pipe Benderis a programmable machine that can bend up to 2-1/2 inch tubing and 2 inch schedule 40 pipe. The touch screen control allows up to 170 programs with as many as 10 bends per program. All bend data, including bend angle, speed, quantities, length and rotational stops can be stored in the memory. The RDB-250 Programmable Rotary Draw Tube/Pipe Bender tube bender can bend at speeds up to 9 seconds for a 180-degree bend with 6 speeds to choose from. Bend angles can be programmed up to 360 degrees with a universal bend plate attachment. A numerical readout on the counter bend die makes repositioning and repeatability simple when creating multi-bend parts while the quick counter-die release allows for easy removal of tubes. For one-off or prototype parts, choose manual mode for creating bends as simply as pressing the forward or reverse foot pedal.

  • • Runs on 220 volt single-phase power.
  • • Bends up to 2.5” tubing and 2” schedule 40 pipe.
  • • Rotary draw bender smoothly executes 180° bends in just 9 seconds and can complete up to 360° bends.
  • • Easy-to-use touchscreen or handy foot pedal can both operate the bender, when not in manual mode.
  • • Cuts down on time and effort for repeat projects by storing complex bend specifications as programs.
  • • Reduces delays with extremely fast automatic bending.

Minimum CLR
Minimum O.D.
Solid Rod (Mild Steel)
Pipe Sch40
Round Tube/Wall
Square Tube/Wall
Maximum CLR
Shipping Dimensions
2.5 -.125
2" -.125"
575 lbs
60" x 44" x 77"

PRICE: $17,395.00


  • The US$/CA$ Exchange Rate.
  • All Customs and Brokerage Fees.
  • No Charge for C.S.A. Approval (Required by Law in Canada).
  • FOB Burlington, ON (Includes Transport Ex Factory)
  • Everything is taken care of for you!

Watch The RDB250 Tube/Pipe Bender Video:

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