Baileigh RDB-175 Rotary Draw
Tube/Pipe Bender.

The Baileigh RDB-175 tube/pipe bender is the perfect entry level Baileigh/RMD bender. With the ability to bend 2-1/2" round tube or 2" Schedule 40 pipe. The RDB-175 uses a single hydraulic cylinder, the machine is capable of 180 degrees of bend without any repositioning of the tooling. The cylinder can be reset and re-stroked by using the foot pedal control. It also features a quick release counterbend die for easy positioning/removal of the tubing.

  • • Rotary draw executes 180° bends in a smooth single motion.
  • • Maximum capacity of 2” schedule 40 pipe and up to 2.5” tubing with a wall thickness of .120” mild steel.
  • • Maximum centerline: 9”, depending on material’s OD.
  • • Auto-stop programming lets you achieve the desired bend angle.
  • • Takes only 4 complete pushes to reach 180°.
  • • Easy-to-read degree indicator to help you achieve correct bend degrees.
  • • Built-in anti-spring back mechanism.
  • • Convenient foot pedal controls the movements of the bender.
  • • Ratcheting counter die adjustment allows for quick tooling changes.
  • • Accepts user-friendly drop-on tool sets from Baileigh.

Minimum CLR
Minimum O.D.
Solid Rod (Mild Steel)
Pipe Sch40
Round Tube/Wall
Square Tube/Wall
Maximum CLR
Shipping Dimensions
2.5 -.125
2" -.125"
700 lbs
60" x 44" x 77"

PRICE: $11,895.00


  • The US$/CA$ Exchange Rate.
  • All Customs and Brokerage Fees.
  • No Charge for C.S.A. Approval (Required by Law in Canada).
  • FOB Burlington, ON (Includes Transport Ex Factory)
  • Everything is taken care of for you!

Watch The RDB175 Tube/Pipe Bender Video:

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