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Edwards 100 Ton
Hydraulic Ironworker

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100 Ton Hydraulic Ironworker

The Workhorse

•    Four Available Workstations
•    High Capacity Angle Shear
•    Universal Open Tooling Station
•    Electric Stroke Control
•    ANSI B11.5-1988R(02) Compliant
•    ETL/UL Approved Controls

If you're looking for versatility and power, the Edwards 100 Ton JAWS Ironworker is perfect for your shop. Standard features include a Punch Assembly, a 14" wide Flat Bar Shear, a high capacity Angle Shear and a universal open tooling station designed for optional Tooling Accessories allowing you to select the perfect tool for your needs.

The optional Hydraulic Accessory Pack allows your Ironworker to act as a power source to our expanding line of innovative Hydraulic Accessory Tools, such as the 10 Ton Tube/Pipe Bender, 20 Ton Shop Press and 40 Ton Shop Press
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