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Baxter/Verticut is a Canadian manufacturer of metal cutting bandsaw machines. Baxter/Verticut has a standard line of products. They also manufacture custom bandsaws to meet your requirements and can design machines to automate repetitive cutting such as notching of tubes etc. They have also have made mirrored sets of machines for integration in larger automation projects.

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Brobo manufactures a large range of metal saws, Brobo has been involved in design and manufacturing industrial saws since 1947. Brobo has been progressively expanding their enterprise to be recognised as one of the leading saw manufacturing companies in the world. Its superior performance and reliability ensures for a burr-free, milled finished on every cut.

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Established in 1875, Edwards Manufacturing, continues to innovate in 2015! Edwards has reinvented its lineup of JAWS Ironworking machines to provide the highest standards of quality, performance, durability and value to the fabricating industry. Edwards Ironworkers are proudly Made in America and are built to the most stringent standards.

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Eagle was established over 20 years ago to provide a higher quality Roll Bender, Eagle has placed over 5,500 machines in North America. Our Section Benders incorporate Unique Features and Superior Quality not found on look-alike machines. Discover the "Details" and why EAGLE Benders are trusted daily to provide years of Profit Producing Performance.

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Everett Industries manufactures abrasive cutoff saws and wheels that perform the best, last the longest and provide the most value on the market. Everett offers a wide variety of cutoff saws and wheels for many applications. Both wet saws and dry saws are manufactured for cutting many types of metals. Our wet and dry cutoff saws cut solids up to 6" and shapes up to 7" in diameter.

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Ellis Double Miter Band Saws offer a large cutting capacity and rugged durability makeing them ideal for any size shop. The material stays stationary for miter cuts, while the head rotates up to 60 degrees both left and right of center. Material clamping and unclamping is quick and easy with the standard quick acting vise.

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King Canada Inc. has been bringing quality tools and equipment to the North America market for over 30 years. Beginning with only a few products, the product line today has been expanded to one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

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MetalSawz Inc. offers a complete line of vertical metal cutting saws. MetalSawz are the culmination of over 20 years of design and constant improvement. Help in Setup and Full Training included. We train your operators in the proper operation of the saw, Safety, and sawing in general.

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National Sheet Metal Machine Inc. have been in business for 36 years as the number one shear and brake manufacturer in North America. National has grown to produce a line of thirty quality machines. Our customers can rely on our machines to be of superior quality that is unprecedented in today's market. All products at National meet strict company and OSHA standards.

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Preci-Shear’s Guillotine Shearing Machines are the ultimate in heavy-weight shearing machinery. Equipped to handle large pieces, this shearing machine will cut through the toughest of materials with precision every time. Our frames are the heaviest on the market, ensuring accurate results every time. If you’re looking for a metal shear with a longer table and serious cutting capacity, look no further.

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RK Machinery offers quality and reliable H Frame Press, C Frame Presses, Forklift Tire Presses, and a Gantry Straightening Press. RK Machinery will custom manufacture machine presses to match your specifications. All the electrical, hydraulic and mechanical parts used to manufacture hydraulic machines are standard in the industry and available throughout North America.

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The Samson® cutting machine cuts flat parts out of metal with amazing accuracy and speed. It manufactures precise metal shapes from sheet metal or heavy plate. Powerful servo motors provide cutting speeds up to 1000 inches per minute. The included CAD/CAM software and control system makes it easy to design, layout, and cut various pieces.

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Uni-Hydro ironworkers are separated into categories, depending on the type of work and work load. Turrets - Six punch barrels for six independent punches produces quick turn around. Standard models - the longest lasting, most durable ironworkers built. Dual Operator - While one operator punches another can be shearing. 

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Order Cold Saw Blades, Annular Cutters, Abrasive Blades, any size band saw blades or quality round, square, oblong or any shape punches and dies from CanSaw, generally shipped the same day.