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Everett Miter Cut Off Saws

Everett Miter Abrasive Cut Off Saws

10" to 22" Wheels


EVERETT Dry mitering cutting machines are available in a range of sizes from 10-inch to 20- 22-inch wheel diameters. The mitering cutting head can swivel 45° left of center. Double mitering cutoff machines swing left and right. Our mitering dry cutting saws are extremely fast and economical to run. The cutting head and pedestal on the 12-inch and larger mitering cutting machines are mounted on a rugged swing arm secured in bearings that are lubricated for life. The lock to hold the desired angle is quick and easy to operate. We also offer an optional patented dust collector-fume exhauster, cabinet base and hood on our mitering dry cutting saws. Note that the work piece capacity when mitering is less than when using the same machine for a straight (90°) cut.

Single Miter Wheel Size
10" Dry Abrasive Mitering Cut off
12" Dry Abrasive Mitering Cut off
14"-16" Dry Abrasive Mitering Cut off
20"-22" Dry Abrasive Mitering Cut off
Capacity 90°
1.5" Solid, 2" Pipe
1.75" Solid, 3" Pipe
2" Solid, 5" Pipe
3" Solid, 6" Most Shapes
Capacity 45°
1.25" Most Solids, 1.75" Most Shapes
1.5" Most Solids, 2.25" Most Shapes
1.75" Most Solids, 3" Most Shapes
2.5" Most Solids, 4" Most Shapes
Double Miter Wheel Size
14"-16" Dry Double Mitering Cutoff
20"-22" Dry Double Mitering Cutoff
Capacity 90°
2" Solid; 5" Pipe
3" Solid; 6" Most Shapes
Capacity 45°
1.75"Most Solids; 3" Most Shapes
2.5" Most Solids; 4" Most Shapes
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